We make pledges

The children in class 4 have been very reflective on their learning and worked with their partners to talk about the progress they have made this year. Then they have planned their next steps for year 2 and made pledges.


This week Class 3 have been working hard on their Victorian school day diary entries. Today they have critiqued their work ready to make improvements.

Adventures at the seaside

This week we have been listening to lots of stories about adventures at the seaside. Our favourite story is ’The Singing Mermaid’. We have made our own mermaids and have used them to make up our own stories and adventures.

We love reading in Class 4

The children read every day in their early morning time. They share their books with others and take turns to read in front of the class. All children in our class have made fantastic progress with their reading this year. Well done everybody.