Know someone who’s ready to be #NortonInspired

If you tell a friend about our school and their child gets a confirmed place, we’ll give your child and their child a free hoodie!

As a thank you for spreading the word about Norton Infants we’d love to give your child and the new pupil a #NortonInspired hoodie! It’s really easy to tell a friend about Norton Infants and claim yours…

Let’s get started – just share this page with your friend and get them to fill out the form below – make sure they fill in your name too! (otherwise we won’t know who sent them!)

You can share this page with them via Facebook, Twitter, Email and WhatsApp here!

If their child gets a confirmed place at Norton INfants, we’ll provide you both with hoodies for your kids! Simple as! We’ll have a record of your name and theirs, so as soon as the place is confirmed we’ll get it all sorted. 

Thank you for spreading the word about our school – we really appreciate it!