Weighing things up in Nursery

Our Nursery children have been exploring the weight of objects and using new vocabulary to talk about their findings.


Class 4 had an exciting afternoon finding out how to use Ipads to take high quality photographs, view them and critique to plan next steps. We enjoyed our expert visit, who showed us different types of cameras and answered our questions.

We have enjoyed Maths this week

Class 4 learn different startegies to be able to subtract numbers. We have used ten frames, bar models and counters to represent numbers and find the difference between them.


Today year 2 were treated to a flower arranging demonstration by our very own Austin!
We were all very impressed with you skills and creativity. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Also, thank you to Austin’s Flower Gran who was kind enough to let us keep his arrangement to display in the school entrance. It definitely made us feel festive!

Celebrating Autumn

We have been looking at the changes in our outdoor area. We noticed that the leaves have changed colour and have been falling from the trees. We have also enjoyed working collaboratively to paint pictures using autumn colours.

Number 4

We have been representing and making 4 in different ways. We have had great fun making paper people….can you count how many people there are in the set?

Collaboration in Class 3

Silly Selfies

This afternoon class five had their first afternoon working with our brand new iPads. We learned how to take photos, view them and delete the ones we don’t want. We went on a scavenger hunt around our school and took photographs of the things we were searching for. We also all screen mirrored our iPads to the tv to share our photographs and our silly selfies!

Amazing work class five – I can’t wait for our expert visitor tomorrow to learn even more iPad photography skills.