Maths Week in Class 4

This week we have had so much fun celebrating maths week, solving problems, reasoning, playing maths games, making number artwork and looking for different 2D shapes around us.

Maths Week in Class 3

We have had so much fun celebrating maths week in Class 3.

We used numbers in our art work.

We chose equipment that would help us with our addition number sentences.

We demonstrated concentration and resilience during our problem solving.

We practised our maths skills whilst playing fun games with our friends.

Year Two Crew – Maths Escape Room

It’s Maths Week in England and we wanted to celebrate! We worked in our crews to solve a series of mathematical problems and challenges to reveal a secret code to enable us to escape!

They were tricky – we had to be resilient and hard working but together we succeeded and all managed to ‘escape’!

Remembrance Day in EYFS

In EYFS today we have been learning about Remembrance Day, we have been thinking about the brave soldiers who protect our country to keep us all safe. We have printed poppies, made edible poppy biscuits and delivered them as a random act of kindness to all of the grown ups in school who help keep us safe everyday. We also surprised the staff at the Junior School with a biscuit too! We have coloured poppies, drawn our own poppies and even attempted to write the sounds we hear in words.

Year 2 Collaborative Poppy

Each child then drew around their hand to create one huge poppy that will be displayed in the hall for everyone to see.

Well done Year Two Crew!

Outdoor Learning

Art in Class 3

We’ve had fun this week studying the work of the illustrator Quentin Blake. Our challenge has been to draw ourselves in his style. We’ve worked hard to improve our drafts, critiquing our work with our friends.

Watch this space for our finished work!

Our first week back…

What a busy week we have had in Class 1. We loved the Halloween disco, and dressed in our most spooky outfits! We have enjoyed building and creating and have been learning all about triangles. We have been lost in books and have spent lots of time sorting, matching and counting in our maths area. We wonder what next week will bring…