Investigating measures

We’ve been busy exploring measures in Class 3, firstly comparing, ordering and measuring heights and lengths. Our challenge was to find two people the same height.

We then we moved on to weighing and enjoyed lots of practical maths lessons to get us ready for some challenging problem solving!

Fabulous fieldwork at The Deep

The children conducted themselves impeccably and impressed our teacher Rachel with their knowledge of continents, oceans and the impact of plastics on sea life.

I was very proud of you all

Mrs Robson xx

Year 2 are meteorologists!

Year 2 have worked extremely hard today to become meteorologists.
We started by looking at the seasons and how the weather changes in each season. The children then worked in collaborative groups to make their own weather forecast which they then rehearsed and recorded.
I’m sure you’ll agree that they have done a fantastic job! Mrs Chadwick and I were blown away by you all.

Fact finding

This week in Class 3 we have been exploring features of non-chronological reports in our shared reading lessons. We have also demonstrated great decoding skills and found out so many interesting facts about polar bears.

Weighing things up in Nursery

Our Nursery children have been exploring the weight of objects and using new vocabulary to talk about their findings.


Class 4 had an exciting afternoon finding out how to use Ipads to take high quality photographs, view them and critique to plan next steps. We enjoyed our expert visit, who showed us different types of cameras and answered our questions.