What an end to this half term…

I have received some brilliant photos and videos this week. You have all been so busy and I want to say a huge thank you for sharing all your incredible work.

Check out Chloe’s ‘Stop Go Animations’. I think we have a budding film maker in our class…

Harry Potter

Sit back and enjoy…

The children have also produced some beautiful art work and have redrafted their work to make it even better! Super stars…

We have been busy interpreting and drawing tally charts and pictograms in maths…

We have had some great discussions this week about whether animals should be kept in zoos. Here are some of our reasoned arguments…

You presented your ideas brilliantly ūüôā

Enjoy your break everyone, you deserve it xxxx

Zoos – For or Against?

This week in English and Expedition we have been thinking about whether we are for or against zoos. We had some great discussions where we thought about both sides of the argument and generated our own conclusions. What do you think?


Thank you for your feedback on the 2021 Calendar. It’s obvious that the proposed calendar¬†does not work for everyone in Norton, so we will consult with our community of Norton to understand what does and doesn’t work, and what factors we need to consider. We will put together a working group to create a calendar¬†that works for both Norton and XP Trust to ensure our children get the best education¬†we can provide while fitting into the wider considerations of our community.

Thank you

Our beautiful work

This week Class 4 have been working hard on their handwriting, letter formation and spelling. The children have demonstrated their resilience when practising their tricky, phonics and writing sentences.

Academic Calendar

Dear Parents and Carers, Thank you for your comments and feedback on the Academic Calendar. We will take this feedback and discuss our response with the Local Governing Committee and respond in a timely manner.

We have started learning about how people in Brazil celebrate with carnivals:

We looked at where Brazil is and identified the flag. We then started to design and make masks that we could wear to our own carnival parade next week.

We have also been working hard in maths this week:

We are looking forward to having our own carnival in Reception next week.