Classification Keys

We have been grappling with classification keys as part of our science case study. We have been hard working and resilient – we even managed to write some of our own!

Collaborative Research

We have been researching a range of different under the sea creatures this morning. We were we working collaboratively to create some anchor charts to help us with our non-chronological reports.

How will what I do today impact the World tomorrow?

After an immersion week full of clues we found out our guiding question is ‘How will what I do today impact the World tomorrow” We began our learning by completing a knowledge dump of all the things we already know about sea creatures, recycling and anything else we think might be liked to our expedition. We also thought of some questions we would like to try and find out during our expedition.

Under the Sea

We have been getting crafty today building our classroom environment. We are pretty proud of it – what do you think?


As part of our immersion week we have been using the iPads to research some of the different materials that are being left in our oceans.

Weighing things up in Nursery

Our Nursery children have been exploring the weight of objects and using new vocabulary to talk about their findings.


Class 4 had an exciting afternoon finding out how to use Ipads to take high quality photographs, view them and critique to plan next steps. We enjoyed our expert visit, who showed us different types of cameras and answered our questions.

We have enjoyed Maths this week

Class 4 learn different startegies to be able to subtract numbers. We have used ten frames, bar models and counters to represent numbers and find the difference between them.