What a week …

I am so proud of everyone in class five this week. Whether you have been learning in school or at home, you have been incredible! (Adults too!) You have learnt how to use Google Hangouts, immersed yourselves in our new expedition, completed Maths and English work and done all that whilst smiling! What a crew!

Have a little look at all the amazing things we have been learning this week.

Thank you for all the check in messages, photos of beautiful work and for keeping in touch. Our hangouts have been the highlight of my week, seeing everyone’s smiling faces. I’m blown away by all your efforts.

I can’t wait to see what amazing things happen in our class (or remotely!) next week.

Mrs Parsons xx

Stories by the Fire

We were so lucky this morning in class 5 that Mrs Greening took some time out of her busy day to come and read Excitable Edgar to us.

We really enjoyed it. It made us think about what makes us special. We loved sharing all the things that make our crew special.

Thank you Mrs Greening ( and Edgar!)

Bingo and Boxes!

This week in class five we have been busy learning all about money – our favourite task was Bingo!

We have also finished our Beegu memory boxes and are busy thinking about all the amazing things we can put in our box to remind her of Norton. What do you think of our designs?

We are designers.

We have been busy in class five this week – critiquing, designing and making our own memory boxes for Beegu to remind her of her time in Norton.

TT Rockstars

Well done year two! Lovely to be able to start handing out TT Rockstar certificates – I wonder how many we will give out next week?

Class Five have been busy helping Humpty Dumpty investigate the best materials for safety jackets for his egg friends this afternoon.

Reading Buddies

We spent some time this morning reading with our partner. We read a non-fiction text about space and then recorded the interesting facts we found out.


That’s not my rocket …

As part of our science case study we decided to read some ‘That’s not my …’ books and think carefully about the materials and the properties. We ended up making our own book called That’s Not My Rocket!