Mini First Aiders in Year 2

Class Two are so Kind

Our day was brightened in Class Five today as we received a special delivery of crispy buns just to brighten our day from our friends in class two. What a kind thing to do – they were delicious! You must have worked so hard making them, we really appreciate your random act of kindness.

Crew Pumpkin Competition!

We have had the best time this morning in year two. We spent the morning designing and creating our pumpkins ready to be judged by Miss Tunney!

Next came the messy bit …

Finally, we carved our designs ready to be judged.

Miss Tunney then came into our community meeting to decide the winner. Each crew had to explain their design.

The winning crew was …. CREW PARSONS!!

Their design had the word crew with a different circle to represent each member of their crew. What a great idea!🎃

Even the rain can’t stop class five!

The rain poured during our PE session this afternoon but the children showed their resilience and determination, moved all the tables around and got active with their yoga session in the classroom. It was great fun – well done class five!

The sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away

We started our morning with some clues as to who our next champion was going to be – can you guess?

We worked together to ‘popcorn’ our suggestions – we discovered we were going to be learning about Captain Sir Tom Moore.

We began with some group reading to see what we could find out about him. We then used the ChromeBooks to research further and add all of our findings to our graffiti wall.

Bonjour, Shikamoo, Dzień dobry, Hello …

Class 5 took part in a zoom call today with Mayowa Precious Agbabiaka, who is helping children learn more about Black History Month. She has written a book called ‘There’s rice at home’ and read it aloud to the children. She told us that she has written the book in 13 languages. We really enjoyed trying to say hello in all the different languages – I wonder how many different ways you can say hello?


Class Five absolutely loved joining in with the #Take10ToRead challenge. They started by hearing Tom Percival share an extract from his new book (which we have already ordered to add to our classroom collection!) and show the children how to show emotions through their drawing.

We then took ten minutes to enjoy a book – what a treat!

How can we make a difference?

Class Five have yet again blown me away with their compassion and maturity towards their expedition this week.

We gave continued to engage with our core text – Let The Children March. We have thought really carefully about how the children might have felt, what they were thinking, what they could hear and see as they were preparing to march. We are then going to use our anchor chart to create some diary entries – I’m looking forward to blogging these next week already!

During our Thoughtful Thursday crew session we have thought about how we can make a difference, just like the children in our book.

I am so proud of the ideas and plans the children have began to make – our world is going to be a better place because of the differences they are already making. What do you think?