We are designers.

We have been busy in class five this week – critiquing, designing and making our own memory boxes for Beegu to remind her of her time in Norton.

TT Rockstars

Well done year two! Lovely to be able to start handing out TT Rockstar certificates – I wonder how many we will give out next week?

Class Five have been busy helping Humpty Dumpty investigate the best materials for safety jackets for his egg friends this afternoon.

Reading Buddies

We spent some time this morning reading with our partner. We read a non-fiction text about space and then recorded the interesting facts we found out.


That’s not my rocket …

As part of our science case study we decided to read some ‘That’s not my …’ books and think carefully about the materials and the properties. We ended up making our own book called That’s Not My Rocket!

Scientists at work 🔍🧲

We found some alien soup in class five but the label had fallen off! Thankfully we have a class full of scientists who worked together to investigate the ingredients/materials! ⭐️

Careful communicators

Today in crew we have been thinking about how we communicate. We worked in pairs to describe a picture to our partner and see if they could draw the picture exactly the same. We had to listen carefully and ask specific questions.


What would Aliens think of Life in Norton?

We have started our first case study in our new expedition – What would Aliens think of life in Norton? For our first case study we are being scientists and learning all about materials.


Numbots and Times Table Rockstars

Your child should have brought home a login and password for Times Tables Rockstars and and Numbots.
If you’re having any problems logging on please let me know on parents@norton-inf.uk or send me a message on ClassDojo
Thank you,
Mrs Parsons xxx