Story Time

We had something a little bit different in story time today. I shared with the children one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets – Michael Rosen. It’s called Chocolate Cake – it was lovely to see they enjoyed it as much as me! I promised to share the link so they could enjoy it again …

Mrs Parsons xx

Strange things happening around school today ….

Our English lesson was disturbed this morning by loud crashes and bangs.

So we spent the morning investigating what looked like an alien crash landing. The children were incredible detectives – investigating clues, making notes and designing wanted posters for the missing alien.

Welcome to Class Five

I can’t begin to tell you how lovely it was to hear our classroom filled with chatter and laughter again this week …

Each and every child has been amazing. After such a long time off school they have settled into year two life fantastically – positive attitudes, hard work and lots of smiles.

They have been a credit to all of you adults.

Check back each week to see some of the lovely things happening in our classroom.

Mrs Parsons xx

Ps. We will be having PE on a Friday. Children need to come to school in appropriate PE clothing and stay in them all day as we won’t be getting changed for PE until further notice. Earrings are not permitted on PE days so please remove them for those days.



Welcome back!

I hope you all had a lovely half term break. You have all come back full of enthusiasm for our home learning – I’m seeing some really beautiful, high quality work.

Have a little look …

Well done class five, adults too!

You’re all amazing.

Mrs Parsons xxx


This week we have been thinking about The Green Ship. We have made predictions and critiqued the opening.

We then spent time interviewing our adults to find out which books they liked when they were younger.

We read lots of our favourite books and critiqued the openings.

And even found time for all of these activities too!

Well done class 5, I am proud of all of you.

Keep smiling,

Mrs Parsons xx

Mice, maths, expedition and brilliant bubbles.

It’s been another busy week of home learning, full of

town mice and country mice,

brilliant maths,

expedition work,

and George set us a challenge of blowing some brilliant bubbles.

Thank you for sharing your week with me.

Mrs Parsons xx

What a day!

You never fail to amaze me class five. The amount of beautiful work you have shared with me today in incredible.

I’m so proud of how hard you’re all working – I love logging on everyday to see all of your photographs and messages.

Have a little look at what we have been up to today –

a 3D shape hunt,

a syllable word challenge,

and we were Geographers as part of our expedition …

we even managed to find time for crafts, helping our adults with DIY and even a hot chocolate break!

I can’t wait to see what fabulous learning tomorrow will bring!

Mrs Parsons xxx

Another amazing week …

Well Class Five you have done it again – I am so proud of all the beautiful work being produced at home. The enthusiasm for our new expedition ‘Where in the world would you go?’ is fabulous.

A special thank you to all the grown ups too, your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Take a little look at what we have been up to.

We have been Scientists …

… Mathematicians …

and bakers.

We made posters to help younger children know how to write a fantastic sentence.


We started our own weather charts.

We also celebrated VE Day 

I wonder what we will get up to next week?

Mrs Parsons xx

Immersion Week

What a week!

I am so impressed with all the home learning that is happening – you should all be so proud of yourselves – adults too! Not only have we had some fantastic Maths and English work being shared – you have also made an incredible start on our new expedition ‘Where in the World would you go?’

Have a little look at what you have all been doing this week …

I can’t wait to see what beautiful work you all produce next week

Mrs Parsons x