Tranquil Tuesday

It was lovely to wander around our school this morning and see all of the fantastic things happening in our crew sessions – we had children reflecting on their howls, sharing stories and talking about their feelings using our zones of regulation. What a way to start the day!

Mrs Parsons 🌞

Collaborative Critique

This morning in class five we have begun our final piece of writing for our Geography case study. We have thought about everything we have learned so far and began to put together some fantastic sentences, we then critiqued them to make them even better.

I can’t wait to read the final pieces!

Mrs Parsons xx

Better World Day 2022

In Year Two we came dressed in yellow and blue today with an aim to raise as much money as we could to send to our donations directly into Ukraine to help people who need it. We also spent time in crew discussing all the pledges we could make to help make our world a better place.

Sharing our Stories

In Class Five we went on some fieldwork this week to Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery to help us answer our guiding question, Diverse Doncaster – Where do I belong?

Back in school we wrote about our experiences handling artefacts, taking part in a workshop and exploring the museum. We did a great job confidently sharing our work with children in other classes.

Diverse Doncaster Fieldwork

We have had an absolutely fantastic day exploring the history of Doncaster. The children took part in a workshop studying artwork, handling artefacts and asking expert questions.

The children took lots away to help them with their expedition – Diverse Doncaster – Where do I belong?

They all behaved impeccably. They were kind and considerate to other members of the public – several people commented on how well they conducted themselves. All of the grown ups were very proud to enjoy the day with your children.

I’ve put together a video of photographs from our day – I hope you enjoy them.

Mrs Parsons xxx

Better World Day 2022

We will be celebrating Better World Day on Thursday 5th May (a day early). We are asking children to come into school wearing something blue or yellow. We are asking for voluntary contributions of 50p to raise money to send funds directly into Ukraine to support those in need. We will be talking about Better World Day in crew this week too.

Thank you all for your support,

 Mrs Parsons xx