Class Five Mayoral Election 2021

Following on from our visit from Mayor Ros Jones yesterday we decided to hold our own class elections. The children wrote and shared their own pledges for the year – they made some fantastic pledges which will make our classroom an incredible place to be!

We finished off the speeches with a vote.

Big congratulations to………………….(drum roll please)………. Skyler!!

It was a very close election with Ella and Toby being voted our Deputy Mayors.

I was blown away with the thoughtful and mature pledges you all made also how you all stood up and spoke so confidently and clearly at the podium in front of the whole class – well done everyone!

Ros Jones – Expert Visit

This morning we had a visit from the Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones. We were very impressed with the mature and thoughtful questions the children asked such as,

Do you like your job?

Do you have an office?

What are you going to do to help homeless people?

Are there any foodbanks in Doncaster?

How did you become the mayor?

Who gave you your CBE?

Who came first in the Mayor of the world competition?

How has Covid 19 affected Doncaster?

How do you keep people safe in Doncaster?

What can we do to help?

We are looking forward to meeting some more experts next week to learn even more about champions in our community and what we can do to make a difference.

Preparing for our first expert visit

We have spent time today writing a protocol for expert visits. We talked about how we could use our habits of work and learning to help us – we are very excited to put our protocol to use tomorrow with our first expert visit.

Balloons and Eggs Galore!

Another day means another day of crew challenges!

Today we had to build the tallest freestanding balloon tower – everyone did amazingly working together and communicating to build the best structure despite a few burst balloons!

Next we had a pile of materials, a roll of tape and an egg. We had to make the best safety jacket for our egg before dropping them from the target board to see which crews egg had survived! There was some fantastic team work and communication because every crew had an egg survivor!

If we get crew right, we get everything right.

First day in Class Five

We have just finished our first day in class five, and what a day it was!

We started the day getting to know our new crews – why not ask your child which crew they are in? ( Crew Parsons, Crew Robson, Crew Thurman, Crew Wilkinson or Crew Moloney?)

Next we had a think about what we want our classroom to feel like, look like and sound like. We came up with some fantastic suggestions to make our classroom an amazing place to learn.

Followed by working in pairs on a word search with lots of important vocabulary linked to school.

We worked together in our crews and took part in a quiz, everyone did brilliantly! Crew Parsons won and took the first point in our crew competition (yay!)

In the afternoon we spent some time reading.

And we finished the day by working together to create a time capsule to open before we leave year two. We included cut outs of our hands, string to show how tall we are and a fact file about our likes and dislikes now. I wonder how much we will all grow and change over the year?

If we can achieve all that in day one, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!

Make sure you keep checking our blog to find out,

Mrs Parsons x