Doncaster Museum Visit

Class 4 have visited the Doncaster Museum and Gallery to learn all about the history of Doncaster, look at the local landmarks and the work of some famous artists. We had a wonderful time!

Student Led Conferences

Today we held our first ever Student Led Conferences – the children did a fantastic job sharing their learning and beautiful work, speaking about what they are proud of and what they need to work on to get even better.

It was brilliant to see the children articulating their learning so well with the help of their teachers.

Great job everyone!

Mrs Parsons xx

Getting ready to learn

In crew we have discussed ‘healthy living’. We made a list of games/ sport/ exercise that we can do try over the week to keep us healthy, happy and ready to learn.

Tranquil Tuesday

It was lovely to wander around our school this morning and see all of the fantastic things happening in our crew sessions – we had children reflecting on their howls, sharing stories and talking about their feelings using our zones of regulation. What a way to start the day!

Mrs Parsons 🌞

This week in Class 4

This week we have celebrated BETTER WORLD DAY and we discussed what we can do  to make a difference and create a happy and safe world for everybody around us. In our expedition we worked on setting descriptions and worked together to make a word bank.  We had a great time when learning how to measure objects using a ruler and a metre stick. 

Better World Day 2022

We will be celebrating Better World Day on Thursday 5th May (a day early). We are asking children to come into school wearing something blue or yellow. We are asking for voluntary contributions of 50p to raise money to send funds directly into Ukraine to support those in need. We will be talking about Better World Day in crew this week too.

Thank you all for your support,

 Mrs Parsons xx

Hook week in Class 4

W have been having so much fun this week having a go with lots of exciting activities. We had a gallery walk when looking at our beautiful 3d models of landmarks; we went for a walk around our local area and had a fantastic coffee morning on Friday. Thank you to our parents and grandparents for joining us and sharing their memories of school and our local area.

Amazing Aerial Photography

Yesterday we were very lucky to be visited by Geoff and his drone. He talked to the children about aerial photography and different ways we can take photos. We then went outside and watched Geoff fly his drone 120 meters up in the air! He took some amazing photos of school and the surrounding areas.

Please keep this date in your diary…

Thursday 21st April (Year 2 -9.00-9.30) 

Friday 22nd April (Year 1 – 9.00 – 9.30) 

In our next expedition we are looking in detail at Norton and our local area, including the history of our school and community. We would like to invite family members to an informal coffee morning where you can have a drink and a bun while sharing your experiences of how Norton and our school  have  changed over the years. If you have experience of living in a contrasting area too then it would be great for the children to be able to compare. Even better, if you have old photographs to share then we would love to see them.

Thank you

Key stage 1 team x