Critiquing memory boxes

Class 4 had a wonderful time critiquing memory boxes and choosing the right one for Beegu. The children have worked in their groups ‘think…pair…share…’ their ideas and designed their memory boxes thinking about the material, shape, colours, patterns and equipment.

Using descriptive language

Class 4 had a great time acting out the story and creating their own scenes. The children have used fantastic adjectives and similes when writing about Beegu’s world.

‘POPCORN’ in English

In English we acted out the story about Beegu. Then we used ‘popcorn’ idea to respond to the question: What does Beegu say in the story? The children worked with their partners sharing and discussing their ideas.

Fun when learning about numbers

We have had a fun week finding 1more/1 less than a number. We have used some practical resources and played exciting games to support our learning.

Exploring materials

Class 4 had have a very exciting week investigating, testing and finding out about the properties of materials. We have made an experiment to learn about waterproof and absorbent materials. It was very engaging and interesting activity to do. We had lots of fun experimenting with water!!!

Celebrating our beautiful work

This week we have been busy working on our writing sentences, finding different ways to represent numbers and developing our creative skills when making collage in Art.

Class 4 enjoying PE this week

The children love our PE sessions and show lots of enthusiasm when playing games and non-contact sports. We are learning to listen to instructions accurately following the rules and having fun!!!

Crash landing in the playground!!!!

This week we have had so much fun finding out that some aliens landed in our playground. The children investigated the site that looked like an alien crash landing asking good questions and making thoughtful predictions! 

Welcome back!!!

I hope you all had a great Summer full of sunshine and filled with some fun and happy days. The children in Class 4  settle down really well and they come in with beautiful smiles on their faces. They are working incredibly hard enjoying every single minute in our class! Well done everybody.

Mrs Wojcik xx