Being Scientists….

We had an exciting day finding out about the animals living in our local area. The children had a walk around the school ground to look at some beautiful creatures.

Our beautiful work

This week Class 4 have been working hard on their handwriting, letter formation and spelling. The children have demonstrated their resilience when practising their tricky, phonics and writing sentences.

Learning about animals

Class 4 have had a very busy week learning about animals, sorting them into different groups and discussing their basic needs. The children have enjoyed singing ‘the sorting animals’ song and joining in with the actions. We have designed some feeding bowls for our pets, critiqued our work and planned our next steps. This week most children in our class have received their special award for reading lots of books at home and at school.

Class 4 have had an amazing week learning and developing their skills in writing, reading, Art and reasoning in Maths. Well done everybody for working extremely hard at school and home.

This week we have been very busy learning about the animals , sorting them into different groups and using some descriptive language to describe the animals and the story setting. The children in class and at home have demonstrated their interest and engagement. Well done everybody!

Home learning

I am extremely proud of all the children at home who are working incredibly hard every day with their learning. They demonstrate their resilience, enthusiasm and positive attitude to everything they do!!! I do receive lots of beautiful photographs showing your work and would like to say a huge thank you for your engagement and contribution.

English in the woods

In English class 4 looked at the picture and used some great adjectives and similes to describe the place. We went to the Grufallo wood in our school grounds to help us generate the ideas.

Critiquing memory boxes

Class 4 had a wonderful time critiquing memory boxes and choosing the right one for Beegu. The children have worked in their groups ‘think…pair…share…’ their ideas and designed their memory boxes thinking about the material, shape, colours, patterns and equipment.

Using descriptive language

Class 4 had a great time acting out the story and creating their own scenes. The children have used fantastic adjectives and similes when writing about Beegu’s world.