Class 3’s Fabulous Week

We’ve had fun at school and at home exploring and identifying the animals that live in our local environment.

We have continued to share our love of books in our weekly reading target crew.

In maths this week we have enjoyed working practically to compare and measure lengths and heights.

Another Wonderful Week!

This week in English and expedition we have had some great discussions about whether animals should be kept in zoos. We began by exploring reasons for and against and then came to our own conclusions. Do you agree?

In art we have been producing some beautiful drawings and redrafting our work to make it even better.

And finally we have had a wonderful week of reading which culminated in sharing our book reviews in our reading target crew.

Have a wonderful half term everyone! x

This Week in Class 3

This week in English and expedition we have been producing non-chronological reports.

After identifying the key features of non-chronological reports we began using books, videos and the internet to research animals and complete research maps.

We then used everything we’d learned about non-chronological reports and animals to write our own. Take a look at some of our beautiful work.

In maths we have been working hard adding and subtracting using number bonds, tens frames, part whole models and bar models.

Another Busy Week!

We have had a lovely week so far planning our alternative stories to ‘How to Heal a Broken Wing.’ Take a look at some of our opening story plans and the main characters we have had fun creating.

So much wonderful work produced both at home and in school. Thank you for your great effort once again Class 3, keep it up!

This week in Class 3…

We’ve had another busy week working hard both at home and in school. Take a look at some of the beautiful work we have produced.

Thank you for all your hard work this week Class 3 you have all been amazing!

Mrs Goodyer x

Welcome back!

Well it certainly hasn’t been the start to the new year that we were expecting but I am so proud of everyone in Class 3. Whether you have been learning in school or at home, you have all been fantastic! You have immersed yourselves in our new expedition, learned how to use Google Hangouts and worked incredibly hard to complete phonics, maths and English work, all with a smile! Parents you have all been amazing too!

Take a look at what our introduction to our new expedition has looked like. Mrs Ponsonby and Mrs Greening brought in some very important visitors.

We heard all about the animals the children in Class 3 look after and enjoy cuddling at home.

We enjoyed creating fact files about pigeons and other animals.

We have been scientists naming and sorting animals into different animal groups.

As artists our drawing skills have already improved by the use of critique!

Keep up the incredible work Class 3, you should be very proud of yourselves!

Problem Solving and Phonics

This week we have been ‘Choosing Chimps’ choosing the right strategies in maths to apply to our problem solving.

We’ve also had lots of fun playing games to practise our phonics skills.

This Week in Class 3

We have been geographers, sharing what we know about maps and working together to  answer the question ‘What is Norton like?’

We explored Beegu’s thoughts and feelings. Everyone enjoyed wearing Beegu ears to help us get into character and think about what she might be saying throughout the story.

We have been getting active and learning a new space dance.  It’s great for a quick ‘brain break’ and it’s so much fun!

Super Science!

This week we have been super scientists exploring materials and their properties and carrying out our own tests to investigate waterproof and absorbent materials.

Fantastic Maths work

We have been busy doing some brilliant Math’s work today.