Remembrance Day in EYFS

In EYFS today we have been learning about Remembrance Day, we have been thinking about the brave soldiers who protect our country to keep us all safe. We have printed poppies, made edible poppy biscuits and delivered them as a random act of kindness to all of the grown ups in school who help keep us safe everyday. We also surprised the staff at the Junior School with a biscuit too! We have coloured poppies, drawn our own poppies and even attempted to write the sounds we hear in words.

Outdoor Learning

Our first week back…

We have had such a great first few days back after our half term break. We have had a fabulous few spooky days, a Halloween disco, a new spooky Maths area to create spells – we needed to count ingredients into little cauldrons! We have enjoyed reading Room On The Broom and The Gruffalo!

Class Two are so Kind

Our day was brightened in Class Five today as we received a special delivery of crispy buns just to brighten our day from our friends in class two. What a kind thing to do – they were delicious! You must have worked so hard making them, we really appreciate your random act of kindness.

Little Artists in the making…..

We looked at the large tree in our garden area. We noticed that the leaves are still green and are all still on the tree. We wonder what it will look like when we come back to school after the half term break?

We created pictures which were inspired by the artist Guiseppe Archimboldo:

We looked carefully at the work by Archimboldo and created our own versions:

We are going to sketch our work next…..we look forward to seeing what they look like when they are complete.

Investigating Pumpkins…

What do you want to be when you grow up?