More fish!

John has made a collage rainbow fish.

The Rainbow fish

Joshua’s rainbow fish collage.

Jack’s rainbow fish collage.

Sophie’s rainbow fish collage.

The Enormous Turnip

Class 2 have enjoyed listening to the story of The Enormous Turnip this week.

Amelie sequenced the story.

Charlie is enjoying watching his plants grow.

Charlie is going to plant some turnip seeds.

Sophie has enjoyed listening to the story.

John has enjoyed writing about the story.

The Elves and the shoemaker

Amelie’s shoes

Chester made a thank you card for the Elves.

Chester’s card

Evie’s thank you card

Freddy Brown’s thank you letter.

Freddy Brown’s shoes

Skyler’s shoes

Some new additions!

Skyler’s puppy called Luna.


Mason’s puppy called Little Dottie

Let’s get fit and get on our bikes!

Austin out for a ride with his family in Norton.

Chester riding his bike. Great balancing Chester.

James has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers.

Lacey is getting ready for her ride.

Oliver likes to ride down the slope at home.

Phoebe enjoys taking her doll for a ride.

Skyler enjoys riding her bike.

Making the most of the outdoors.

Evie has enjoyed painting in the garden.

Charlie has been gardening and is looking forward to growing lots of plants in his new greenhouse.