Celebrating Autumn

We have been looking at the changes in our outdoor area. We noticed that the leaves have changed colour and have been falling from the trees. We have also enjoyed working collaboratively to paint pictures using autumn colours.

Number 4

We have been representing and making 4 in different ways. We have had great fun making paper people….can you count how many people there are in the set?

Being kind to ourselves and others

A recipe for being a good friend

We have talked about the qualities of a good friend. We need to be kind, listen, take turns, share and look after each other if we are to be a good friend. We designed some posters:

We have also been kind to our environment. We have been working hard together to tidy up our garden area, especially now all of the leaves are blowing off of the trees:

Great effort and teamwork boys!


At the end of the week we had a fabulous poster designed in the mark making area. This poster now sits proudly on display in the classroom to remind us all of the HoWLs in Class 1:

Remembrance Day in EYFS

In EYFS today we have been learning about Remembrance Day, we have been thinking about the brave soldiers who protect our country to keep us all safe. We have printed poppies, made edible poppy biscuits and delivered them as a random act of kindness to all of the grown ups in school who help keep us safe everyday. We also surprised the staff at the Junior School with a biscuit too! We have coloured poppies, drawn our own poppies and even attempted to write the sounds we hear in words.

Our first week back…

What a busy week we have had in Class 1. We loved the Halloween disco, and dressed in our most spooky outfits! We have enjoyed building and creating and have been learning all about triangles. We have been lost in books and have spent lots of time sorting, matching and counting in our maths area. We wonder what next week will bring…

Little Artists in the making…..

We looked at the large tree in our garden area. We noticed that the leaves are still green and are all still on the tree. We wonder what it will look like when we come back to school after the half term break?

We created pictures which were inspired by the artist Guiseppe Archimboldo:

We looked carefully at the work by Archimboldo and created our own versions:

We are going to sketch our work next…..we look forward to seeing what they look like when they are complete.

Investigating Pumpkins…

Class 1 and Class 2 outdoor PE

We have been very creative this week:

Lyla made instructions to help her friends to make people in the creative area.

We have also decorated our ‘Little boxes of me’ which we have taken home to fill with lots of photographs and other items that represent me. We can’t wait to share our boxes with our friends back in class.