Busy vehicles in Class 1:

We have been busy making large vehicles to put in the different areas of our classroom. We have a jeep in our reading corner, cement mixer in our construction area and an aeroplane flying above our creative area. We have really enjoyed designing and making these.

We have also been creative making our own vehicles using different resources and equipment.

Celebrating Holi:

In India people celebrate the start of spring by enjoying a colourful festival called Holi. People throw colourful powder at each other during their celebrations. We did some fabulous artwork:

We also celebrated in school by getting very colourful……and messy!!!

We celebrated our first week all back together with a silent disco – we had a great time.

We have also enjoyed being back in our classroom and being back with our friends:

We have started learning about how people in Brazil celebrate with carnivals:

We looked at where Brazil is and identified the flag. We then started to design and make masks that we could wear to our own carnival parade next week.

We have also been working hard in maths this week:

We are looking forward to having our own carnival in Reception next week.


London Landmarks

Reception have been learning about some of the landmarks in our capital city. We have had some fabulous drawings and models – can you guess which landmarks they are?

We have also been watching videos of the New Year celebrations that are held in London every year. Here are some of our own firework pictures:

Fruit and vegetable artwork

This week in Class 1 we have been busy making pictures using real fruit and vegetables in the style of Guiseppe Archimboldo:


We had great fun!  We are now going to draw and paint our creations…….watch this space!

Thank you Dr Teanby-Clark

Dr Teanby-Clark called to talk to us about being a doctor. We asked lots of questions and found out new information. Lots of us want to be doctors when we grow up now. We’ve had a great afternoon in Reception.


How do I work and what makes me healthy?

We have had a very busy half term in Class 1 getting to know each other and starting our first expedition of the year:

As part of our hook week we made a giant ‘Guess Who’ board.  We had lots of fun looking at photographs of ourselves as babies and discussing how we have changed now we are 4 and 5 years old:


We have also been looking at the outside of our bodies and naming our body parts.  We looked closely at the colour of our skin, hair and eyes to paint a self-portrait:


We have then been learning about what is inside our body and what makes our body work:


We look forward to learning lots more about our body after half term.


Lunch times

We are really proud of how the reception children have settled into their lunch time routines