Another busy week in Class 1

We have continued to get to know each other this week, we have had a great PE session in the hall. We have worked hard in Crew thinking about the ways we can Be Kind and helpful to each other. We have been talking about our own family and have drawn some beautiful pictures. We also enjoyed the late summer sunshine and have been improving our outdoor learning area.

This week we have been lucky to have visits from experts:

The inspirational Ray Matthews came to talk to us about his amazing achievements in running. He also launched his 80 – 80 – 80 challenge and we are looking forward to our sponsored walk next week to raise money for his charities.

We also had a visit from three wonderful volunteers at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We asked lots of questions and found out all about the important work that they do. We are going to have a ‘bring your bike’ to school day later in the term to raise as much money as we can to support the invaluable work that everyone at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance do.

We have also been Creative Chameleons in Class 1 this week:

Busy vehicles:

We have been working collaboratively to design and then make a boat. We explored materials to see which ones would be best to use to help our boats to float. We had lots of fun in the water tray:

We have also been busy decorating out papier mache hot air balloons. They look wonderful floating in the air in our classroom:

We have been thinking hard about all of the vehicles that we have found out about throughout this expedition so far:

And now we are ready to think about which vehicle we would choose to go on our adventure!

Learning about busy land vehicles in Class 1:

We looked carefully at pictures of vehicles and used pencils to draw them.
We then critiqued our first draft and acted upon kind and specific comments from our friends to help us complete our 2nd draft. We are very proud of our racing car drawings.

Beautiful vehicle paintings

The boys love to build a train track and play with our new trains.

Busy vehicles in Class 1:

We have been busy making large vehicles to put in the different areas of our classroom. We have a jeep in our reading corner, cement mixer in our construction area and an aeroplane flying above our creative area. We have really enjoyed designing and making these.

We have also been creative making our own vehicles using different resources and equipment.

Celebrating Holi:

In India people celebrate the start of spring by enjoying a colourful festival called Holi. People throw colourful powder at each other during their celebrations. We did some fabulous artwork:

We also celebrated in school by getting very colourful……and messy!!!

We celebrated our first week all back together with a silent disco – we had a great time.

We have also enjoyed being back in our classroom and being back with our friends:

We have started learning about how people in Brazil celebrate with carnivals:

We looked at where Brazil is and identified the flag. We then started to design and make masks that we could wear to our own carnival parade next week.

We have also been working hard in maths this week:

We are looking forward to having our own carnival in Reception next week.