Celebrating Autumn

We have been looking at the changes in our outdoor area. We noticed that the leaves have changed colour and have been falling from the trees. We have also enjoyed working collaboratively to paint pictures using autumn colours.

Number 4

We have been representing and making 4 in different ways. We have had great fun making paper people….can you count how many people there are in the set?

Collaboration in Class 3

Silly Selfies

This afternoon class five had their first afternoon working with our brand new iPads. We learned how to take photos, view them and delete the ones we don’t want. We went on a scavenger hunt around our school and took photographs of the things we were searching for. We also all screen mirrored our iPads to the tv to share our photographs and our silly selfies!

Amazing work class five – I can’t wait for our expert visitor tomorrow to learn even more iPad photography skills.

No Pen Day Wednesday – 2021

Today in class five we put down our pencils and got talking. We have had a brilliant day of communication and collaboration. Have a look at what we got up to …

We began the day by trying to solve riddles for our early work – can you solve them?

Next we had our Wise Wednesday crew thinking about our pledges to help with our expedition ‘What Will I do to be a hero in my Community?’

Phonics we played some games and got a little bit competitive!

English was some hot seating. We thought really carefully about the questions we would like to ask the characters in our core text – Matilda. We had great fun, getting in role and pretending we were Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull to answer the questions.

Maths was solving some tricky addition problems using lots of different practical resources.

Being kind to ourselves and others

A recipe for being a good friend

We have talked about the qualities of a good friend. We need to be kind, listen, take turns, share and look after each other if we are to be a good friend. We designed some posters:

We have also been kind to our environment. We have been working hard together to tidy up our garden area, especially now all of the leaves are blowing off of the trees:

Great effort and teamwork boys!


At the end of the week we had a fabulous poster designed in the mark making area. This poster now sits proudly on display in the classroom to remind us all of the HoWLs in Class 1:

Maths Week in Class 4

This week we have had so much fun celebrating maths week, solving problems, reasoning, playing maths games, making number artwork and looking for different 2D shapes around us.

Maths Week in Class 3

We have had so much fun celebrating maths week in Class 3.

We used numbers in our art work.

We chose equipment that would help us with our addition number sentences.

We demonstrated concentration and resilience during our problem solving.

We practised our maths skills whilst playing fun games with our friends.