Doncaster Museum Visit

Class 4 have visited the Doncaster Museum and Gallery to learn all about the history of Doncaster, look at the local landmarks and the work of some famous artists. We had a wonderful time!

Fieldwork at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery

This week Year 1 visited the Doncaster Museum and Gallery to learn all about the history of Doncaster as part of our Summer term expedition ‘Diverse Doncaster: Where do we belong?’.

In the morning we took part in a workshop all about Doncaster through different time periods and we explored the museum and gallery in the afternoon.

Student Led Conferences

Today we held our first ever Student Led Conferences – the children did a fantastic job sharing their learning and beautiful work, speaking about what they are proud of and what they need to work on to get even better.

It was brilliant to see the children articulating their learning so well with the help of their teachers.

Great job everyone!

Mrs Parsons xx

Getting ready to learn

In crew we have discussed ‘healthy living’. We made a list of games/ sport/ exercise that we can do try over the week to keep us healthy, happy and ready to learn.

Reception at the seaside…….

This week we have been creating lots of beautiful work. We have spent time critiquing our own and each other’s drawings of sea creatures. We have also practised our cutting skills to create sand castles and beach huts. Finally we have been making posters about how to stay safe in the sun.

Inspiration from Punch and Judy

We enjoyed the visit from the Punch and Judy show so much that we have been making our own puppets this week. We have been using them to perform our own shows.

Investigating measures

We’ve been busy exploring measures in Class 3, firstly comparing, ordering and measuring heights and lengths. Our challenge was to find two people the same height.

We then we moved on to weighing and enjoyed lots of practical maths lessons to get us ready for some challenging problem solving!