Class 6 never fail to make me smile…

Think pair share time – OH NO! Why did the table toppers quit their job?

Our memory boxes are almost finished 😀

Fruit and vegetable artwork

This week in Class 1 we have been busy making pictures using real fruit and vegetables in the style of Guiseppe Archimboldo:


We had great fun!  We are now going to draw and paint our creations…….watch this space!

Bingo and Boxes!

This week in class five we have been busy learning all about money – our favourite task was Bingo!

We have also finished our Beegu memory boxes and are busy thinking about all the amazing things we can put in our box to remind her of Norton. What do you think of our designs?

Critiquing memory boxes

Class 4 had a wonderful time critiquing memory boxes and choosing the right one for Beegu. The children have worked in their groups ‘think…pair…share…’ their ideas and designed their memory boxes thinking about the material, shape, colours, patterns and equipment.

Problem Solving and Phonics

This week we have been ‘Choosing Chimps’ choosing the right strategies in maths to apply to our problem solving.

We’ve also had lots of fun playing games to practise our phonics skills.

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Our Nursery children have loved acting out our story today!

Using descriptive language

Class 4 had a great time acting out the story and creating their own scenes. The children have used fantastic adjectives and similes when writing about Beegu’s world.

Thank you Dr Teanby-Clark

Dr Teanby-Clark called to talk to us about being a doctor. We asked lots of questions and found out new information. Lots of us want to be doctors when we grow up now. We’ve had a great afternoon in Reception.