Student Led Conferences

Today we held our first ever Student Led Conferences – the children did a fantastic job sharing their learning and beautiful work, speaking about what they are proud of and what they need to work on to get even better.

It was brilliant to see the children articulating their learning so well with the help of their teachers.

Great job everyone!

Mrs Parsons xx

Better World Day 2022

In Year Two we came dressed in yellow and blue today with an aim to raise as much money as we could to send to our donations directly into Ukraine to help people who need it. We also spent time in crew discussing all the pledges we could make to help make our world a better place.

Diverse Doncaster Fieldwork

We have had an absolutely fantastic day exploring the history of Doncaster. The children took part in a workshop studying artwork, handling artefacts and asking expert questions.

The children took lots away to help them with their expedition – Diverse Doncaster – Where do I belong?

They all behaved impeccably. They were kind and considerate to other members of the public – several people commented on how well they conducted themselves. All of the grown ups were very proud to enjoy the day with your children.

I’ve put together a video of photographs from our day – I hope you enjoy them.

Mrs Parsons xxx

Exploring Norton

Class Five spent a lovely morning in the sunshine looking at local landmarks and taking photographs ready for our art work later in the week.

Getting ready for our learning with the daily mile

It was so lovely to complete our daily mile in the sunshine today. It woke us up after lunch and helped us to feel alert and ready for maths.